Better Brains.
Bigger Impact.

Brain function is central to all wellbeing and achievement, at every age.


Prologue is an evidence-informed brain health platform that improves productivity and emotional wellbeing through rapid, simultaneous increases in daily sleep, fruits & vegetables, exercise, and water.


Unhealthy lifestyles drain the brain.

Despite the dramatic increase in spending and dialogue about wellness, fewer than 3% of Americans meet the basic qualifications for a healthy lifestyle.

This brain “depletion” caused by poor health behaviors costs our economy hundreds of billions of dollars per year in the form of lost productivity, college attrition, and the rapid escalation of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. 

 Each month, the Prologue app hosts a 3-week long program that motivates participants to uncover obstacles, identify patterns, and prioritize brain-healthy routines.

 The Prologue Effect

Prologue is based on the growing body of neuroscientific evidence demonstrating the immediate positive impact of lifestyle behaviors on brain function. The More of the Four® regimen sets off a cascade of positive cognitive and emotional changes—new reasons “why” to live well that reinforce new routines and increase receptivity to targeted messaging.

  • 1
    Prologue users get More of the Four, increasing daily amounts of sleep, fruits & vegetables, exercise, and water simultaneously.
  • 2
    Brain function improves rapidly. After just 3 weeks, 91% of participants report more energy, alertness, better mood, and/or less stress than before.
  • 3
    Improved cognition and emotional wellbeing yield greater productivity in 98% of participants. On average, users report feeling 60% more productive during the program.
  • 4
    95% report feeling more motivated to continue prioritizing sleep, exercise, and balanced nutrition after a single 3-week program.

175,000 brain-healthy
choices and counting

More than 1000 Prologue program completions affirm that individuals are capable of consistently making brain-healthy choices when sufficiently motivated and supported.


of participants who start a Prologue succeed in the regimen.


of participants trust Prologue to help them think and feel their best.


of participants would recommend Prologue to others.


Collective passion for big challenges

Since 2014, under the leadership of neuroscientist and medical educator Mark Williams, PhD, R65 Labs has worked to develop Prologue.

Deep research into neuroscience, behavioral sciences, wearables, AI, machine learning, and integrative wellness coaching provides the foundation for the R65 system.

R65’s proprietary More of the Four regimen has been refined over the course of more than 30 research studies and pilots with major colleges, universities, Division I athletic teams, and corporations.

 Partner with Prologue

Prologue’s novel, evidence-informed program and extensible technology platform can be adapted to support myriad clinical and lifestyle use cases, including chronic condition management, medication adherence, and employee engagement. 

Contact us to receive a copy of the Prologue Impact Report and explore partnership opportunities.

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Now that I've been through a Prologue, I have a better understanding of the different factors that allow your brain to function properly. The brain is a tool to be successful, and as with any tool, you’ve got to be able to manage and care for it properly. For younger individuals who are developing life skills, Prologue is very beneficial.
Ben Ayers
Dean, Terry College of Business
The University of Georgia
The personal views expressed do not constitute an endorsement of the Prologue platform by the Terry College of Business or the University of Georgia.
Prologue kick-started a whole life reboot. I’m feeling a lot better mentally at work. I’ve been very down lately because I haven’t really balanced work and “life,” and this has shown me that putting a focus on “life” stuff has a positive impact on my productivity at work.
Deirdre Mills
Director of Revenue Marketing
Prologue is by far the best health and fitness app I have ever used. I learned the importance of getting "More of the Four" and how each guideline affects me on a day-to-day basis
Zenzele Price-Richardson
University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Class of 2020
Business Analytics